coconut water is an experience

                     Pure by nature. 100% organic. Naturally GMO free.      

coconut water is drinkable wellness


Coconut water is a real treasure of nature, which is just waiting to be discovered by you. Probably the best drink that Mother Nature has to offer. And it is a juice that is unique …

Coconut water is the clear liquid contained within green coconuts. Up to half a litre depending on the size of the coconut. This coconut juice has been appreciated as a valuable drink in the coconut’s native countries for millennia.

The coconut is the only fruit whose juice can be drunk without pressing, directly from the coconut: drill, insert straw and enjoy – if you are in the tropics.

And if you’re not in the tropics it doesn’t matter. After all, you can drink aqua verde. This is organic coconut water. As good and as delicious as it is fresh from the coconut. Just as orange juice is obtained from concentrate, aqua verde is 100% coconut water from coconut water concentrate.

coconut water tastes good

You can expect a slightly cloudy juice, not a creamy milk. With a surprisingly light taste, remarkably smooth and velvety. You can discover something new …

If you have never tried coconut water, you will probably be surprised. The young, green coconut does not contain sweet, creamy milk, but a slightly cloudy, pure juice. Its taste is light and refreshing. Clear and smooth. Slightly sweet, with a hint of coconut. It is low in calories with valuable vitamins and minerals. Not everyone likes pure coconut water from the start – it is a whole new sensory experience. And your palate needs a little time to get used to it. Take your time, it's worth it.

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Coconut water

Coconut water, coconut juice – all these names can be confusing …

You will often come across different names for the same natural product. Coconuts only grow in the tropics. The liquid contained in young coconuts is a particularly popular drink in Portuguese-speaking Brazil – where it is called "agua de coco", which translates into English as "coconut water".

We believe that the name coconut water is a bit misleading. While water comes from the tap and does not contain any noteworthy substances, the liquid from the coconut is the juice from a fruit, or more specifically, from a drupe. In botanical terms, "coconut water is the liquid inside the one-seeded drupe, the coconut".

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coconut water has a history

In Brazil, coconut water is the national drink and it is as popular as orange juice is here. Coconut water is also a very popular drink in Central America, Asia and on the islands of Oceania. Not least because it is good for us - a fact that has been well-known for generations …

Coconut water has always been a common drink wherever there are coconut trees. People swear by the health benefits of coconut water and drink it at every opportunity. The fresh nuts are chilled well, drilled or cracked open at the top, and drunk dry through a straw. When you visit the coconut’s native countries, you will be offered young coconuts for sale on almost every street corner. You should go ahead and try it. It is a unique sensory experience.

You’re not lying in the tropics under the palm trees? It doesn’t matter, you can always buy aqua verde - in a practical 330ml Tetra Pak for when you are on the go, or in the 1L carton, which is great for when you are really thirsty.