coconut water is an experience

                     Pure by nature. 100% organic. Naturally GMO free.      

Organic coconut water

A delicious, low-calorie thirst quencher that is rich in minerals ...

100% coconut water from organic coconuts.
From coconut water concentrate.

Green coconuts are a true treasure of nature. They give us fresh coconut water and thanks to aqua verde, you can enjoy this delicious drink at home in high quality - as a new sensory experience, pure and unadulterated. Coconut water is the ideal thirst quencher from nature: soft, refreshing, precious and delicious. With a hint of coconut.

330ml and 1000ml
Tetra Pak with screw cap

Organic coconut milk

Our coconut milk is slightly creamy and deliciously fresh. With a hint of coconut.

If you cannot or do not want to drink any other types of milk, aqua verde coconut milk is an ideal alternative. We take refreshing coconut water and mix it with fine coconut milk.

Aqua verde coconut milk for drinking is slightly creamy and has a deliciously fresh flavour with a hint of coconut. Vegan and guaranteed GMO free.
Our coconut milk is simply delicious. Drink it on its own, pour it over your cereal, use it in smoothies or coffee, for making desserts, just like you would normal milk. We just love this milk.

Tetra Pak with screw cap